Image by Brit Gill.

Image by Brit Gill.

My exploration of yoga has happened in many places + spaces, from sweaty hot yoga studios to slow + steady intelligent alignment based classes.  Currently, I dedicate most of my time to the non-profit I founded in Fall 2016, Cultivate Union. The drive to start this organization was anchored in my belief that yoga is one of the most democratic tools available for personal healing and social change because we all have a body and we all breathe. You can learn more about what Cultivate Union offers the yoga community as a whole here:

In 2012, I completed my training at Kashi Ashram and became a Certified Yoga Instructor under the guidance of Swami Jaya Devi. I became introduced to yoga as more than a physical practice and fell in love with the depth of self study offered through the lineage from the teachings of Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati. In 2014, I became a Certifed yogahour Instructor in a powerful training offered by Darren Rhodes and Brigette Finley.  I love to learn and have maintained continuous yoga study with teachers in Atlanta and beyond outside of my trainings and certifications.

My classes are a blend of all the things that have moved me over the course of my yoga practice. When you come to class, expect sequencing and cues that will guide you inward to tap into your body's intelligence. I will encourage you to pay a lot of attention to your breath, as I believe it is what fuels our practice and brings power to the postures. My biggest ask is that you stay curious about what's happening in your body moment to moment; inquiry has been a powerful tool for self study for me.


When I'm not teaching, you can catch me listening to podcasts, walking my dog Diego, or working on my non-profit, Cultivate Union

I'm honored to be a lululemon ambassador and receive support for my work through their social impact program, Here To Be. 

If it means anything to you, I'm a Pisces.