january: the time of vision and goals, resolutions and "clean slates." while I love all of those things, and often set big ol' goals for myself, I know that the intention behind my goals is what matters most. in 2017, I'll be entering uncharted territory in both my personal and professional life (planning a wedding! launching a non-profit! turning 30!) so I'm focusing on one word to ground my goals in for the year. 

CHOOSE:  to select freely and after consideration, to decide on a course of action.

here's to discernment, targeted action and staying in choice in 2017. if you choose (see what I did there?) a word of your own for the year, please share - I wanna know! 

p.s. seth godin a blog post about choice today, which made this word feel even more perfect. read what he wrote (pasted below) and if you aren't already, start reading his daily blog here


Attitude is the most important choice any of us will make. We made it yesterday and we get another choice to make it today. And then again tomorrow.

The choice to participate.

To be optimistic.

To intentionally bring out the best in other people.

We make the choice to inquire, to be curious, to challenge the status quo.

To give people the benefit of the doubt.

To find hope instead of fear in the face of uncertainty.

Of course these are attitudes. What else could they be?

And of course, they are a choice. No one does these things to us. We choose them and do the work (and find the benefits) that come with them.