last night for NYE, my family and I went to a burning bowl ceremony where released what we wanted to let go of from 2015 and wrote a letter to our future selves. we followed it up with Chinese food and wine before we went our separate ways - my boyfriend and I retreated to the couch once we made it home. 

we turned on the tv to tune in to NYE festivities (earth, wind + fire y’all) and wait for the countdown. he was sweet enough to make me a tasty whiskey beverage before we settled in. I sat on the couch, jack rose in one hand and jo jos (trader joe’s gluten free version of an oreo) in the other. after a few comical musical performances, it wast time for the peach drop! the countdown clock appeared and as they started counting down the seconds, I laughed a little and said to him: “joke’s on them, time isn’t real.”

as an avid lover of new year’s eve/day/clean slates/new beginnings, I was a little surprised to hear this come out of my mouth. sidenote: the action of surprising myself was a little weird, considering most things I say pass through many filters of thought. anyhow, what I realized is this: what I perceived to be cynicism/a statement contrary to my beliefs was actually a statement of truth. the notion that time isn’t real (read: linear) affirms that transformation and change is possible at any moment, at any time. and while it’s sweet to celebrate these things on a proclaimed day, shifts are possible whenever I make space for them. 

so as we enter this "new year" I hope that you join me in the practice of reflection by writing, moving, breathing, sitting - whatever it is that helps you tune in to you. beyond thoughts and judgements into the intelligence of your body. allow it to reveal what’s next, make space for the shift. 


know that you can do that whenever you want. you can do it today and then again tomorrow. or wait until your birthday. or the solstice. or make time on a random tuesday morning because it feels good and you’re ready for something new.